3 Gift Ideas for the Double Ninth Festival

Double Ninth Festival is also known as Chongyang Festival. celebrated on every 9th of the 9th month of the Lunar New Year. The Double Ninth Festival is also known as the highland climbing festival. Chongyang Festival also has another nickname, namely the Krisan Flower Festival.

At the Chongyang Festival, the community held various festive activities. Some of them like enjoying the blossoming of Krisan flowers, inserting Zhuyu leaves, eating Chongyang cake and drinking Krisan wine.

In 1966, Taiwan rededicated the festival as “Elderly Day”, emphasizing a custom similar to that held in China, where the festival is also an opportunity to care for and honor the elderly. In 1989, the Chinese government designated the Chongyang Festival as the “Elderly Festival” to express hope for the health and longevity of the elderly.

Although today people do not practice all the traditional customs for the Chongyang Festival, however, respecting the elders is still the core of the festival.

Well, here are some ideas for gifted parents, among others:

1. Clothing
Clothes are one of the basic needs, sometimes with increasing age, parents no longer consider it important to buy clothes as a necessity. So, they tend to use only those clothes. Take advantage of the Double Ninth Festival moment as an opportunity to add to your parents’ clothing collection so they can be happy.

2. Cemetery
This idea tends to be weird because it prepares in advance even though the parents are still alive. However, buying a cemetery and giving it as a gift to parents at the Double Ninth Festival is believed to be able to make a living.

3. Danisa Coookies
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